Should I buy 2 year old camera - new NEX 3 at Low Low Price

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Re: Should I buy 2 year old camera - new NEX 3 at Low Low Price

The differences may or may not be significant depending on your use. The sensor difference in NEX-F3 vs Nex-3 is not mainly about MPs , it is more about improved high ISO performance and better dynamic range. NEX-3 is already pretty good in these areas but NEX-F3 is even better. It also has ISO 100 option which NEX-3 and NEX-C3 lack.

You have already mentioned 1080p and faster FPS. Then we have the new style of LCD, plus support for optional EVF. The NEX-F3 body is also slightly larger, which may be good or bad depending on your preferences. And there are other differences as well.

Overall at 1191 vs 1999, nex-3 does seem a pretty good value, though I have no idea what is a fair market value for these cameras in your market.

jtbng wrote:

Good opinions for me to consider. Thanks. Of course I am buying this item in Malaysian dollar terms which for a NEX F3 + 18-55 is RM1999 and NEX C3 + 18-55 is RM1799 so when I saw this NEX 3 + 18-55 is selling for RM1199, it was a lot of diff for me. So I thought it was a very good deal. In terms of features diff between this and the latest F3 seemed like only MP, 1080p and faster FPS. Am I wrong?

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