G1X and 60 sec. exposure in a bright sunny day!! (pics)

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Re: G1X and 60 sec. exposure in a bright sunny day!! (pics)

h2k wrote:

Juan, thanks for the hint at "multi-coated". I ordered the F-Pro filter seen on this German page (and actually 54 Euro incl. shipping and tax, not 57):

But actually there is about nothing else offered, i didn't get anything else from B+W (as far as i remember) when i searched online yesterday.

If you know that there's a superior ND filter, a hint would be nice. I can easily return the one linked above.

Cheers, Henrik
Hi h2k

The one i bought was form amazon UK see link below, you might be eligible for free shipping if you are in Germany.




juantastico wrote:

You are very welcome h2k

It seems you had a very good deal! Better than I did, I paid mine 65 pounds including shipping. In any case it is a superb piece of glass, worth every penny. Please post some results once you get to play with it.

Btw did you bought the multicoted version? This shoul help redusing internal and external reflections.

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