***MC 275--The Compressed Landscape***

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Colleen, Colleen

What I said was that there shouldn't be prominent foreground interest and what I meant was I didn't want it to look like the typical big foreground wide angle shot only taken from far away instead of close up.

You are already accomplished in the compressed landscape category. I hunted down your sunset traffic shot and found that the first shot was another good compressed landscape taken by you with the trusty H2:


That said, you are very good to have gone out and actually taken a shot for the MC. I like it and I like the color too. (It looks rather fried and strange around here too.) I don't know what you could have done to give it more of the 'compressed' effect. I hope that you shot some wide ones for yourself at least. It is quite pretty.

I really appreciate your participating in my confusing MC.


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