Just got a 5D MKIII and it had the light leak issue?

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Re: from 6 to 8 at ISO 128,000. Wow !!!

Brand New wrote:

GordonAtWork wrote:

Be sensible, keep the camera if it takes good pictures at "normal" ISO settings. If I shine a torch into the viewfinder of my ancient 1Ds2 at ISO 400 at night, the exposure changes. Big deal.

Not !

What does that have to do with the 5D Mark III light leak issue? Of course metering is affected if you shine light into the viewfinder. The 5D Mark III leak issue is caused by having the top LCD illumination on, or having other light shining on it, which affects metering.

But hardly have any practical effect at 99% of the situations you are in...
When in very dark environment, manual mode is only option anyway.

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