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Re: Moving to OM-D from Nikon D7000 - lenses

sean000 wrote:

Skarstrom wrote:

Hi, I have been a happy owner of a Nikon D7000 with Sigma 17-50, Tokina 12-24 and Nikon 70-300. The system produces really nice images, however I find the system too heavy to lug around so I just sold all the Nikon-gear.

I know what you mean. I shoot mostly m4/3 these days, but also have a Nikon D200 with lenses like the 17-55mm f/2.8, 80-200mm f/2.8, and Tokina 12-24.

Now I have decided for a OM-D M5 and just have to decide what lenses to buy. First I was set on the P 12-35 but it´s going to bit a bit too expensive so now instead I consider to opt for the P 14-45 and the P Leica 25mm f.1.4 as a start kit.

I would love the 12-35 as well, but on the other hand I find primes to be a great fit for m4/3.

Do you guys think it will work fine for a all round and low light kit?

Well the 14-45mm is the best of the variable aperture kit zooms in terms o sharpness, but too slow to be very useful in low light without a tripod. The 25mm will supplement it nicely for low light. If you are into portraits the 45mm f/1.8 is another great prime o have, my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 is also excellent on m4/3, but manual focus of course.

Personally I would really like to add the Oly 9-18mm to duplicate the angles of view provided by the 12-24mm on Nikon DX. It's a slower lens than the 12-24, but I usually stop down wide angles anyway.


Thanks for the reply. It is a nice dilemma, m43 got the fast zoom we (me) all want and also the really nice and small primes so it´s up to us. I will go for the P L 25mm and 45 Oly along with 14-45 to start with then we will see. I will need a WA soon so the Oly 9-18 seems like the best bet, especially since I want to able to use filters.

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