Interesting Legal Judgement

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Re: Interesting Legal Judgement

Central Fla wrote:

So you dont want anyone to disciminate on religion but it is OK to do so to the photographers who's religous and moral beliefs are against such a thing. They were not disciminating against skin color, they were not discriminating against anything. They were chosing not to be a part of something they think is morally grotesque. But according to you, they dont have that rihgt. And that is why people hate the queer movement, Decent poeple and Christians are suppose to have rights to. All they did was say, "no thanks, we do not want to". But according to you, they do not have the right to be decent people, If gays are not wrong, then why not sheep, men and boys, parents and children. What laws do you want to make tommorow. These people have beliefs that were just as violated.

I do NOT believe Christians deserve "special rights" to discriminate against gays. In the old days, Christians discriminated and killed Jews and they are saying for the SAME reasons you say. They had that special right and now they don't have that right. It's wrong. Always wrong and Will always be wrong.

The only difference is that people don't choose their sexual orientation or skin color but people choose their religions.

So, sorry, no special rights for Christians or Muslims or Jews or atheists.

Cry a river if you feel like your rights are violated, just like atheists cry a river when they're forced to deal with "In God We Trust" and "Under God" and all that.

And saying that people hate the queer movement - that shows how ignorant you are.

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