RX100 far field decentering at longer focal lengths?

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Re: RX100 far field decentering at longer focal lengths?

kenw wrote:

As I said before there will always be some decentering so one shouldn't obsess too much about mild asymmetries at 100% (especially on a very high resolution sensor). In this case, however, the right edge is visibly softer even in a 1MP resized image. To me that has gotten out of acceptable tolerances. Perhaps if it cleaned up a lot by F/6.3 or F/8 that'd be OK.

Hmmm... based on very limited testing, I seem to be getting similar results, although I can't quite tell if mine is quite as bad as the OP's... it's definitely noticeably softer in the top right corner but seems to get better when stopping down to F/8... will have to do more testing outside tomorrow as it is nighttime right now.

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