Sony RX100 filter adapters?

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Re: Sony RX100 filter adapters?

Ryan Williams wrote:

How would the ND affect the RX100 in a layman's explanation? I hear it mentioned a lot and it seems strange something apparently so popular was left out of the RX100 but included in the HX20V.

A ND filter blocks a specified amount of visible light. It blocks all wave lengths equally so the colors of the scene are not altered (hence the name Neutral Density). Say you want to shoot a waterfall with a long exposure to get that silky effect of the blurred falling water. All P&S cams do not have an aperture that is small enough to allow a really long shutter speed. So mounting a ND filter will allow to shoot with longer shutter speeds in brighter conditions.

As for why these high-end P&S's don't come with filter threads, the only explanation I can offer is that the camera companies don't bother to examine how their products are being used. If Canon or Sony or Nikon actually read forums like this, they would realize that small high-end P&S cams need a grip and the ability to take filters.

I count at least 3 providers of adapter rings (plus cheesy cam that's in prototype) and at least 2 providers of grips (plus the leather-look skins that provide extra grip). So clearly the camera companies have room for improvement.

My dream P&S has a big sensor, a 5x zoom minimum (w/ 24mm wide end 35mm equivalent), easy to grip, takes a standard filter size and fits in a shirt pocket. I'm not asking for much and the RX100 comes closer to that than anything I've found. I' just glad there are people like Jens Faerber and Richard Franiec out there.

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