Sony RX100 filter adapters?

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Tom Hoots
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Jens Faerber's adapter ring.

cdp8 wrote:

I wrote to Lensmate several times regarding a RX100 filter adapter and never received a response. I have trip in September and I want to use ND and CPL filters so I bought an adapter from a gentleman in Germany

It takes 52mm filters and I have a bunch in that size. According to the German Post Office tracking number he gave me, it is on its way. I'll give an update when I receive it.

Thanks for posting the link to the video. Of course, this is our old friend Jens Faerber, who has made adapter rings for several other Sony cameras. I certainly can vouch for his handiwork, as I bought one for my HX100V.

Here's a video that shows you how to install it:

Obviously, there's a bit of adhesive tape involved, though the kit includes a ring that helps you center the actual adapter ring properly.

Here's a video showing the effect of different filters, a lens hood, and so on "in use" on the camera as it shoots the video:

And, here's the video showing him attaching the different filters to his installed adapter ring:

I'm not familiar with the Lensmate G12/S100 adapter, but it looks like it's quite a bit "more stuff" than Jens' ring. So, at the least, Jens' ring looks like it's about as minimal as you're going to get -- just a tiny thing that gives you 52mm threads in front of the RX100's lens.

Like the videos say, just send an e-mail to the address he mentions:

And, presuming that it all works the way he's always done it, you just say that you want to buy his RX100 adapter ring, and he'll reply to you with an e-mail with all of the details. And then you would basically be sending a PayPal payment, making sure you include your name, address, e-mail address, and that you're ordering the RX100 adapter ring. And then it should be on its way to you, shortly thereafter.

I recall it taking about a week for my HX100V adapter ring to get to me here on the west coast of the US, but folks on the other side of the country got theirs quite a bit quicker.

Anyway, that should be the drill, and I expect that I'll be sending Jens another e-mail, very soon.

Tom Hoots

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