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Pikme wrote:

Have you compared the Voigtlander 25m with the Panasonic 25? I'd be interested in your comments.

Sorry to make you disappointed here, but no, I haven't really looked at this issue closely enough to have much of an opinion, let-alone a well-founded one. The main reason is that I never was all that personally interested in either the CV 17.5 or the CV 25. I am very attracted by the 17.5 mm FL (35 mm EFL) but, for my needs, the lens is too big and heavy for what it offers on top of the 20/1.7, primarily the fact that it's about 1.5 stops faster (at least on paper; there is this problem with T-stops and the behavior of digital sensors at really wide apertures). As to bokeh, I wouldn't really care so much about that for a lens of this FL since I would usually prefer to use longer lens for subject isolation by means of background blur.

When it comes to the 25, I am not so attracted by the focal length. I'm used to something more widish for my standard lens (about 35 mm) since way back when and find the 50 mm EFL to be neither fish nor fowl for the way I intuitively frame and compose. Too narrow for "scenes", too wide for "details". For this reason, I haven't been very interested in the 25/1.4. The main reason I have formed an opinion about it anyway is that there's been so much discussion about it, and how it compares with the 20, that it has been unavoidable.

I recently used the Voigtlander 17 for a week (rented) and thought it was quite an interesting experience. Everything about it was different from what I'm used to with Olympus and Panasonic lenses. I really enjoyed using it and would love to own one, but the whole experience scared me with respect to developing expensive tastes in lenses.

Yes, they are certainly not cheap, quite big and heavy (by necessity in view of the max aperture) and lack AF. But I am not saying they aren't worth it to the right photographer. It's just not quite my thing.

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