Starry starry night (RX100 and A900)

Started Aug 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
RyanNoah Forum Member • Posts: 88
Re: Starry starry night (RX100 and A900)

Yeah, I don't get why there is no remote support for bulb. I know this camera is classified as a "Cybershot", but how do they expect people to hold the shutter down for at least 5, 10-20minutes when using bulb?

Thanks for the info!.

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

I didn't use bulb due to lack of cable release support from this camera. Instead, I had to use 30 seconds and high ISO. Luckily RX100 has very good sensor producing low noise. Cheers!

RyanNoah wrote:

About how long did you have to hold the shutter down for the RX100 shots?

This is the time of year I like shooting the night skies, and your star photos prompted me to get a RX100.

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