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Gregm61 wrote:

YeoHoon Bae wrote:

The problem I have here is that the length of E-M5 is a bit too long to be placed perpendicular to the length of the bag (the bag bulges out a bit too much for my taste). If I try to place it along the length of the bag, then it is way too tight - I can't take out the lenses easily. I'm hoping that changing 100-300 to 75-300 will help this out but I doubt it, as the diameter difference is very small. So right now, I place the E-M5 angled roughly 45 degree in the bag, with the lens facing towards the top. Still pretty tight. Hmmm.

Have you tried putting the E-M5 with the 12-50 mounted in the center section, lens first, so it is pointed down and the back of the camera facing up? I know it would be a tight fit if you have the hood fitted, but the body+12-50 is a perfect fit in the center section with the lens facing down and the back of the body pointed up, and it's easy to pull the combination out to shoot in that position.

This is what I do. The EM5 fits as easily as my GF1 did (even easier than the GF1 with the LVF1 attached). I just put the E-M5 with a lens mounted (usually 12-50, 14-45mm, or 45mm f/1.8) face down in the middle with the camera perpendicular to the length of the bag. I put the 45-200mm on one side (where I give it a little more room) and on the other side I have the secondary lens compartment where I usually put one of the smaller lenses I'm not using. The 20mm f/1.7 fits in the accessory pocket along with the FL300R and some other accessories. I don't usually carry the raincover. All this fits easily and it is no problem to get things in and out, but the 45-200mm is smaller than the 100-300mm. If I get that lens I suppose things could change.


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