assistance with comparison of Nikon d5100 and Sony a65

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Re: assistance with comparison of Nikon d5100 and Sony a65


I came from an old Sony F828 enthusiast camera. I loved the EVF that showed me a real preview of the picture (WYSISWG).

My Nikon D90 still bugs me sometimes because it won't do that. The Sony A65 does and it is cool- very cool. But....

You are going to HAVE to use GOOD lenses- with 24MP, that kind of resolution will show the flaws of cheaper lenses.

The Sony flash system is not even comparable to Nikon's CLS. No contest- Nikon wins.

Choice of lenses- again Nikon wins hands down. Do you want a fisheye? forget Sony. Do you want or need a tilt/shift perspective control lens? again, forget Sony. Do you want extreme telephoto? Nikon offers a LOT more choices. I would say if you're going to spend $1,000.00 on an A65, get a D5100 & a SB910 off camera flash or a D90 or D7000 with a SB700. The D90 & D7000 have a pentaprism- the D5100 has a pentamirror and does not have a flash commander mode built-in....

I do some cropping with my D90 pics, but I don't usually print anything larger than 13"x19" on my Canon 9000MkII printer. I am VERY pleased with the results I get.

Any of the cameras mentioned above will give you very good results.

I WILL tell you if you go the Sony route, you WILL love the evf, BUT if you ever go to another system you will quickly discover you have to learn more about photography to get the results you could easily preview with the evf on the Sony. I would almost go so far as to say that your "technical skills" (not creative) could be stunted by using the Sony evf. With a Nikon or Canon (or standard Sony DSLR without the translucent mirror), you HAVE to learn how to use your shutter and aperture settings to get the "look" you want. If you use the A55/65/77 you can just spin the dials (including setting WB) until you get the light the way you want it in the evf and take the picture.

I hope the last paragraph made sense- to anyone who has used both types of cameras, you know what I mean.

Good luck!

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