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Re: think tank retrospective 5

I have written in this topic a lot, not sure anyone really cares how I make the Think Tank Retrospective 5,7,10 and 30 adapted to MFT's.

The short version is the inserts and spending a little more money to do it. You have to buy the Domke ballistic not canvas version of the F-6 little bit smaller bag. You also need to add the specific Two section compartment for that bag, its the short one.

I have the GX-1, 7-14, 14-45, 45-200, 25 1.4, 45 2.8, 20 1.7, Metz 48 af-1, extra batteries, charger, flash bracket, Gary fong collapsible light sphere, a few filters. Everything fits in the Retrospective 30 (think tank) bag. You need the Domke F6 main compartment insert that is velcro (not sown together dividers) and Two of the Two part short compartments.

To do the Retrospective 7 you need Three of the Two section compartments accessory meant for that F6 bag mentioned. You hollow out the middle insert for the camera or don't use it at all. The Retro 7 hold the GX-1 or GF-1 with 14-45 attached, 7-14, 25 & 45 and the flash or basically any extra Four accessories you need.

I had to buy an extra F6 ballistic bag just to get that main compartment for the velcro.

You have to hollow out the Think Tank Retro 7,10 and 30 to do this. The Retro 5 you do not change but will hold the GX-1, 14-45 and Two accessories on the side lenses or flash size for MFT's.

The internal TT retro zippers hold cable release, batteries, filter perfect.

I have to add and forgot that you can skip the extra two part compartments and since the internal TT bag takes Velcro accessories you can buy Kata dividers to customize and they come in different sizes.

The Think Tank and the Domke dimensions are the same except the Retrospective 20, its too deep for MFT's.

Makinations wrote:

Anyone have one of these with a OM-D E-M5?

Trying to sort out how to use it with my assorted lenses. Everything fits in there but the partitions aren't really designed for tiny m43 lenses. I'm almost thinking of putting every lens in a pouch and then just tossing everything loosely in the bag.

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