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Instructions for disassembling / repairing XZ-1 (e.g. battery cover / door or OLED)

So, here are the instructions for disassembling the Olympus XZ-1, e.g. to replace the battery door (like I did), or the OLED-display (to help other people search this item: this is mostly, incorrectly, called LCD).

Looking at pictures of other cameras, the flash shoe coverage system might be the same for Olympus PEN and even for Panasonic Lumix cameras.

DISCLAIMER: this information shows how i did things. If you destroy your camera, it's your own fault, I cannot take liability.

I ordered the battery door by sending an e-mail to http://www.lutoncameras.co.uk/


The easy part is removing the visible screws. The harder part is, unless you know how to, to remove the flash cover sheet.

When the sheet was still on the flash hot shoe (not pictured), I used a ball point, put it into the hole (B, second picture), and made the movement A, first picture below. That is: move up, slide backwards.

This reveals 4 screws on top of the hot shoe:

But it also reveals 2 screws on the back (C) that need to be removed before the back of the camera can be removed. The D thingy is the hot shoe contacts-part that's now dangling freely around:

This last picture shows the battery door with the pin pushed out. I used swiss army scissors to hold the pin and push it to the top:

Replacing the battery door was then as easy as 1-2-3: the spring is not loaded when the door is open, so no need for four hands.

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