Updating backup after editing - LR4 Question.

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Re: Updating backup after editing - LR4 Question.

HDProman wrote:

When you edit anything in Lightroom no changes are made to you original photo, either a raw or jpg. The edits are only metadata and this metadata is saved in the Lightroom catalog. When you backup your catalog these edits (metadata) are now safe in a catalog backup.

Depending on one's definition of "safe".

Personally, it doesn't matter how many backups I make of the LR catalog, my data isn't safe because it's all tied up in a proprietary database that is hard to access by any other means.

As far as LR is concerned, nothing exists outside of LR. Yes, it has import/export functions but that is still a major philosophical problem for me.

When I stuff valuable data into a relational database (e.g. MySQL) I don't rely upon binary backups of the database. I also dump out the tables to ASCII files such that a database can quickly be reconstructed, possibly in a different database management system (Oracle, SQL Server etc.). That's not a practical proposition with LR.

I feel the same way about my email and refuse to use Outlook and the other MS products because, once again, they lock me into proprietary files. I like Thunderbird because it uses standard and highly portable MBOX files.

Back to photo apps... this aspect is a real problem with pretty much all non-destructive editing implementations. I guess we badly need a de jure/open standard.

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