People assuming a new 4/3rds body on the way

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I wonder the same.

Franka T.L. wrote:

Or more precisely the M4/3 and 4/3 integration were never really there ( in term of hardware ).

That's hyperbole for the fact that m4/3 in it's current state was never intended to drive PDAF-optimized lenses optimally . I tend to try to avoid hyperbole. It can meet a lower threshold of performance. To your point, though, I would argue that most consider its threshold too low for serious consideration. So, yes, it's more marketing hype to me than real practical service.

Being skeptical about it I must also say I question if that means Oly is not going to produce any M4/3 lens inline with the 4/3 SHG lens ( build, optical and mechanical quality )

I'm not entirely convinced the business is there to drive it. I don't expect to see it for 5+ years. For that reason, and others, I do suspect whatever they're working on now will almost certainly involve a traditional dslr model release first...then something else that might blow our minds.

I still think the whole thing more a marketing bla bla bla ... than anything for real thus far. Or if they have anything actually under development, its still way from able to do the job; else they won;t need the statement at all, they just need to show us an engineering prototype no matter how rude it might be.

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Yes, I would loooove it if they surprised us w/ that. But if I were them...I'd play my cards close to my vest, until I am certain I have a formula for success. I'm pretty sure they don't have that. I'd be thrilled if they proved me wrong.

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