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wizzards wrote:

Hi to all ,thanks for all your reply,s ,I have just received E,Mail from the PSU supplier stating all checked out by technician and there is nothing wrong with PSU ,well if that's the case why did the PC not work until I swapped the PSU , its all to much for a simple bloke like me to understand !!!! ,well I have to refit the PSU and give it another go
many thanks for the help given

Possible reasons

1) PS is bad, despite their checkout. Certainly a possibility. I have a PS tester somewhere, but it's a $15 part, hardly a comprehensive test. Just because Seasonic is a well regarded brand doesn't mean there can't be issues with a unit, or even a model line. I just wouldn't presume that to be the reason.

2) you missed or had a loose power connection. You have at minimum the big power connection (20-24 pins) and the small (4-8 pins) connection, and possibly a PCI one as well to a graphics card.

3) some sort of short on the motherboard in process of connecting all the cables - metal touching metal. But this sort of problem often becomes permanent and flipping in a new PS doesn't help at all.

4) really bad power taking a toll on your PS. you just put in a new one, so it's happy for now. The PS can absorb a lot of power irregularities, but better UPS units will do this for you. But this sort of'd probably see it in other device failures as well, unless it was just the outlet in use.

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