v4 Corrupting my SD card?

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Re: v4 Corrupting my SD card?


Sorry to hear you didn't get your photos back.

I Just read this post with interest. I've had exactly the same thing happen to me this weekend with a 7 dayshop class10 8GB card on a Nex-5 V4 firmware too. Shot a load of photos at a friends wedding, reviewed the pictures and the camera reported an error. Took a few more shots to see if that would clear it and the issue got worse. Popped the card out and used another(SanDisk), everything fine for the rest of the day. Re-inserted the card and the camera didn't recognise it and asked if i wanted to re-format (which i didn't in case it wiped any of the photo data).

Lucky this was before the wedding got into full swing as i was acting as their photographer for the day, no Pro there either. My first ever Wedding shoot and my first ever SD card problem! A shame if i can't get the files back, but would have been much much worse an hour or so later into the day.

Not had a chance to try to recover the files yet, will follow the advice in this thread and report back.

Did you report this to 7 Dayshop? I intend to now that i have the same problem as you do. it's likely that there are others out there with the same issue so perhaps they would be wise to check their products!!

Nice shots of Berlin by the way, i went there a few years back. An excellent City to visit!



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