CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: deadpixel mapping (to AlexMld)

Yes there is a way to read this map and also there is a special command that forces the camera to recreate this map. The number of deadpixels in the table will also greatly depend on the temperature of the matrix so the longer you wait after you turn on the camera and before you update the map the more pixels will be considered as dead:
as you can see on the picture, the number of deadpixels
1 - after turning the camera on (163)
2 - in 15 minutes (214)
3 - after keeping the camera on for a long time (291)

I will ask this guy if he can create some publically available program to manage dead pixels.


jaime wrote:
Alex, that's great news!, do you think there's a possibility to
create a program to map the deadpixels for the 4500?, that would be
a great utility to users that live in a country with no Nikon
support (like mine).



AlexMld wrote:
One guy here in Russia has been analyzing a CP2500 firmware update
(SPARCLite RISC processor instructions set) and an uploader
software and found this along with some other information (such as
deadpixel maps, graphics etc).
The mode can be switched on and off.
I think the best way is to set an option for the smallest jepeg
with the highest compression. This way the second file will take
less space but can be treated as a thumbnail for preview, also it
contains EXIFF data. Though the camera creates two files in this
mode the space they take together is less than for TIFF and still
RAW contains more data than tiff (12 bits per pixel vs 8 bits).
This is because TIFF contains interpolated data.


MarcV wrote:

It opens a world of new possibilities for both my already excellent
cameras! (hehe!)
How was this found out?
Can it be disabled after enabling?
Maybe Phil should post this in his news column, that way Nikon may
become aware of this. Now they have no more reason to not make it
available in all their cameras!

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