DSLR advice for a beginner who has high aspirations?

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Re: DSLR advice for a beginner who has high aspirations?

Snap !

Im in the exact same boat as you . The reply you got from the user-name uk what he/she said for a first timer and a budget like that was the same quotes i got . Then the pentax option on buying lenses in store is minimal to none, have to buy on line. the marketing for Pentax is at a lower extreme than that of the canon and Nikon.

Im in favor of the Pentax as i have used there model before but again not in DSLR just In Digital.
So my next of ken brand would be gearing towards Nikon.

My terminology in the camera scale is poor as i am new to the field but the more you read on forms and posts the more im getting to know about the different Cameras i was pointed towards. Then on the other scale the more you read the more you can't decide. I think i have to go to a store and see how the models feel in my hands as i cannot make a decision from this although this site has narrowed down my specs. At end of day 1000 Cash is not alot but to some it is and i sure as hell want to get my money value.
I may be no help but just thought to share your not alone!

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