Updating backup after editing - LR4 Question.

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Re: Updating backup after editing - LR4 Question.

I am not sure exactly what you are asking, but hopefully you have come to the right place and me or someone else has the answer you are looking for.

I will make a few statements and probably you will have additional questions, it just might be the best way to help you.

When you edit anything in Lightroom no changes are made to you original photo, either a raw or jpg. The edits are only metadata and this metadata is saved in the Lightroom catalog. When you backup your catalog these edits (metadata) are now safe in a catalog backup. No where on any hard drive is there a file, except the Lightroom, catalog that will show these edits. In the import dialog you will see and option called "Don't Import Suspected Duplicates" and it is usually checked. Since your image is already imported it is grayed out to stop you from importing a duplicate. Do you understand this concept?

When in Lightroom you can select a photo, either raw, psd, jpg or any format that Lightroom supports, and choose "edit in Photoshop" and Lightroom will hand this image off to Photoshop for editing. When working with a raw file Lightroom will not allow you to edit the original, this is impossible, but Photoshop will use the raw data to create a .psd file that you will edit. With other formats you can either create a new file or edited the original. When working with a raw file Photoshop creates a .psd file or .tiff if that is your Photoshop setting and you edit this new file. When finished the .psd file is automatically imported into Lightroom and now you have a new file. Do you understand this concept?

This new .psd file now exist in your file system and in the Lightroom catalog and if you want a backup of this new file you would use whatever software you prefer to make a backup. You could just backup new or updated files and this new .psd file would be included in your backup. Are you still with me?

I don't recommend this workflow, but you could while in Lightroom select this new .psd file and choose export and set format to original and just export your new .psd file to whatever hard drive that contains your backup images. Backing up your entire photo library with software that has a setting to only backup new or changed files would be my recommended method. Does this make sense and what new questions do you have?


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