Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

@Surya P: Banget! Saya orang Singapura, tapi turunan orang Indonesia. My grandparents come from Djambi and Padang Very glad to know you're a video chap too, and not too far away either. Indo is probably my favourite dive destination and I've had many of my best dive encounters there. We must dive together sometime! I'm not diving much this year cos I'm broke from indulging in my new hobby (photography...haha). But now that I have a new setup, I intend to use it. My first real dive will be on a liveaboard to Malaysia next weekend. But it'll be great to meet you someday and check out your gear.

Thanks for the heads up on the filters and color issues. Yeah, I'm aware of the SRP clip on polarizer and other filters for the GoPro dive housing. Saw their youtube video. Still in proto, but am ready to whip out my credit card as soon as those filters are released...:D Was really torn between the old GoPro and the 2, but ended up with the newer one cos basically I assumed it will be better supported. Oh well, its money spent already, so I'll have to make the most of it. Sounds like you're heavily invested in the older version, and I almost went that route too when I dived with a friend using Eye Of Mine. The results were GREAT and that's when I decided my next rig would include one! My last UW setup was a panasonic P&S (the old FT-1/TS-1), so the quality of all my video so far is pretty meh. The 5N was suppose to be my next UW rig, but I couldn't bring myself to buy those uber-costly housings for it. I hope to up it now that I've got my RX100, I can finally bring some measure of quality into things.

Am curious to see what you do with your RX100 setup. You'll be using an external monitor you say? Wow. Serious stuff. What do you use for lights?

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