People assuming a new 4/3rds body on the way

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I thought it was obvious...

rovingtim wrote:

The stated problem is the inability to focus 'pro lenses'. We already have a body that does that, so what is this announcement about?

Also, the E3 and E5 were obsolete in many critical areas the moment they hit the shelves (CAF for example). If they had led the field, 4/3rds would still be a going concern.

Well, e5's obsoletion is, I think, a given, this far into its lifecycle. And that's exactly my point. Your statements assume he's taking the e-5 as a reference. But it's obvious that he considers the Om-D as Oly's state of the art...with exception of its ability to focus Oly's current lineup of pro-grade lenses. In that light, his comments with regards to focusing deficiency makes perfect sense. The current line of OM-D sucks at focusing lenses that were designed for PDAF.

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