Beginner Photo whats your tips?

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Re: Beginner Photo whats your tips?

Contour wrote:


I have just taken photo for sake of things , not really understanding the detail i need to use when taking photo as i am just learning . Can i get your professional view ? what you think of the photo and how can i make it look better ?

Thanks for your time

This subject could have been shot many different ways. Here are a few I think would look really nice.

1. Long exposure. Leaving the shutter open for 5-10 seconds, allowing the motion of the water to create a ghosting effect that looks pretty cool.

2. Shoot from a low position, and do both a portrait and landscape style shot. make sure you keep all the rocks in the scene. Try to catch the sky and the horizon. Shoot multiple exposures so that the sky, horizon, and foreground is properly exposed, and use either exposure blending or HDR to merge them together.

3. A shallow DOF and wide DOF. Catching focus on the first rock with a really shallow DOF would create a visually pleasing shot, but you could also keep as much in focus as possible by focus stacking or using a really small aperture.

As for the image you have, the rock on the right being cut off kind of kills it for me at least. If both rocks on the edge had a little more room, I think a little exposure and color adjusting could make it a great looking shot.

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