Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Re: Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

Actually according to the message board there are still two places left. One for me and one for you to have the last word.

I wondered about posting at all since Im no doubt one of those you feel is unworthy of both my camera and any space here at all however in the end I decided I had something to say so Im going to say it. You may not feel my point is valid or you may just not admit it is, but its my opinion nonetheless.

Anyone anywhere any time that has the money to buy an item they want deserves to have that item and deserves to try to learn from people that are willing to share. Whether I was born dripping in money (I wasnt ) or if I earned it or even saved it up from a meager retirement, I still deserve to have it.

I hardly threaten anyone's livlihood with this equipment as Im too old to even want to be a pro. Others may feel differently but they still are asking for just a little help. Im here to mainly try to regain my skills I had as a younger woman and figure out if its actually a loss of skill or if the newness and difference of the digital format is interferng with my thought processes. If its the former a few nudges in the right direction could be helpful if people care to help me, if its the technology then I need to do more reading and there again a nudge would help.

Ill get there in time its just that help from skilled people would get me there sooner.

As to subject matter if a guy posts photos of his grandkids or even his own kids maybe one day with a little help somone will buy his photos and put them in ads for products. God knows theres a huge market for kids stuff. But the guy may just need a little nudge a small bit of something that comes easy to you.

If someone posts shots of their pets well there again theres a huge market out ther for everything from food to collars and clothing, toys and even portraits in the pet world. Again all it takes is a little friendly advice and that guy might become one of the envied pros. Or maybe he will just have nicer pictures to hang on his wall. Something a friend or neighbor will admire and make him feel good. Again wheres the harm.

Poor landscapes and macro shots speak for themselves and are their own reason for being. That person obvously wants to make something pretty for others to admire. With only seconds of someones precious time you could easily help another find his way.

And if in the end that person just goes through life taking bad photos because he cant figure out his expensive equipment or his mind wont wrap itself around the artistic view is there any harm? I mean really with all the horrible things in this world is a bad photo or two really doing that much harm?

Thank you


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