CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: Any dangers ?


the only thing I can tell is that the program is not modifying the firmware in any way, it only changes one of the internal settings of the camera that has been put there by Nikon. The ability to turn this mode on and off via USB also has been incorporated into the camera by Nikon apparently for some sort of diagnostic. I guess the way this settings is saved inside the camera is much same as other settings like shooting mode or contrast are saved there. There might be also a certain combination of buttons that activate this mode but we are not aware of it so far.

The only side effect I had is that when I turned this mode on the file counter had been reset so file names started like dscn0001.jpg again. I am not sure but perhaps the counter will not be reset if you have some files on the card or put them there later.


DocW wrote:

This is very interesting news indeed. Just to be cautious I was
wondering if there could be any potential dangers in using a
program like this. Most likely it is modifying the firmware each
time you turn the RAW feature On and Off. I have seen people do
this type of work before and I remember them placing disclamers
that you could damage the camera with modification software like
this and to 'use at your own risk'.


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