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browser versions, color settings, etc.

Jim Gif wrote:

This has been an issue on the laptop for some time now, weeks, and doesn't change. It affects many web sites, not just dpreview.

OK -- maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're seeing.

Are you saying that you don't see the background color on other sites, too; and this is happening with both Firefox and IE?

I'm not in windows right this minute to see where a similar setting may be in IE, but Firefox has settings for that kind of thing.

For example, you can go to Firefox Edit> Preference and look under the Content Tab and you'll see a Colors button. Click on it and make re you have the box checked so that sites can choose their own colors.

Personally, I'm also using an add-on so that I can quickly check colors on and off. This one:

That helps when I run into a web site with odd color combinations (for example, very dark text on a dark background that's hard to read, so I can uncheck a colors box to make a site more readable. I've got some of the menu choices I use more often from Prefbar setup in my menu toolbar, as you can see on the below screen capture (note the extra choices at the top of this Firefox page below).

So, you may have installed something that disabled the default color settings or something if you're seeing that same issue on multiple sites now.

How about your monitor resolution settings? You didn't by chance use an option other than 32 Bit True Color or something like that causing the number of available colors to be wrong)?

How about the versions of IE and Firefox you're using?

Are you using up to date versions of them?

For example, this site is no longer compatible with IE 6 (they announced that a long time ago), and you could also have some issues with older versions of Firefox.

You'll see the same issue on many web sites now (no longer compatible with IE 6 and older versions). So, I'd update to IE 7 or later if you're still using an old version.

If they are in fact newer, you may want to try resetting them back to defaults. Here's a page on doing that with IE:

Here's one on resetting defaults in Firefox:

But, it does seem unlikely you'd have settings issues in multiple browsers ( if you are using newer versions of them). So, I'd check your monitor resolution and make sure you have higher bit depth color selected for one thing (i.e.,, you don't have it set to something like 16 bit).

You may also want to make sure you're using up to date versions of plugins like Adobe Flash Player. Here's a good free tool you can use to check for up to date versions of most browser related stuff:

Click Expand All to see more of the screen capture showing the prefbar options on my Firefox menu bar that allow me to turn colors on and off (as it sounds like you might have a settings problem related to colors display, as discussed above)

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