RX100 Tack sharp samples anyone? Please add to thread please.

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Re: RX100 Tack sharp samples anyone? Please add to thread please.

theGryphondog wrote:

Ah, an artifact of Sony jpg compression.
I've been wondering why all shots look smeared.
My s95 is sharper I just didn't want to write it and cause a ruckus.

I was able to sell my S95 for a good price just a day before my RX100 arrived so I couldn't do any 1:1 comparisons. But after having had the S90/S95 for three years and looking at some galleries from the Canons, I'm absolutely sure that the RX100 would have kicked the S95's ass...:)

Seriously, the IQ, the colors and the (AF) speed are at another level. But that's why you pay twice as much.. Sharpness wise, again I have no direct comparisons but but both me and my girlfriend keep being impressed by the detail this little bugger records. Images look less "flat" and have more clarity and with the S95 I was always a bit annoyed that the quality/detail got lost when zooming in when viewing, the RX100 is more comparable to my DSLR.

The S95 was the best really pocketable cam of it's days. For now, the RX100 holds that crown..

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