Question about Professional Portraits (visible facial lighting)

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Re: Question about Professional Portraits (visible facial lighting)

If you know lighting reasonably well (so it's sort of second nature to you) then the lighting in probably 95% of photos can be worked out.

Some are more obvious than others, but even the subtle ones can be figured out, usually.

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Hi all,

I have noticed that most professional "portraits" (think any face on a movie poster, an ad, a billboard) have noticeable lighting on the person's face (that is, I can tell where the light sources were).

Can I ask why this is? Does it pose some kind of advantage?


As a photographer you need to know how to light your subject according to how the art director/client/you wants it. The "noticeable lighting" is a dramatic style of lighting which is used in a lot of action/sports/thriller and other movies that will fit it. But you won't see this type of lighting used in a romance movie. Most romance movies have very soft lighting. Also a lot of horror movies are very dark and have lots of shadows. Again, they use lighting to create the mood to sell the product.

This is not just movie poster, just about every good advertising ad will be like this.

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