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Slynky wrote:


What do you think about the formula for "overall" percentage? I mean, I wonder how DPR did it and do you give the same amount of value to winning first place in a challenge with 50 entries as you do one with 200 entries? What do you think about this?

The dpr formula was different -- I won my first challenge (reason number 1 I still like the dpr challenges, I am more successful here then elsewhere ), and so, after my simple formula, I should have been at 100%.
The dpr score was 99.2%:

The challenge had 117 entries, so I guess dpr doesn't correct for 100% ... .
100-([Place]) [NumberOfEntries] 100 gives 99,15%, my formula is
[NumberOfEntries] 100

Also, I think the "overall" computation should contain a set amount of line entries...say, 50 or so. Maybe 100. Or maybe drop entries from the computation depending on how old they are--say, half a year or so. This way, challenges from years ago won't be having an everlasting effect on the final figure. What do you think

Why not a whole lot of statistics? A score for one month, half a year etc. with a trend and other nice things[2].

Dpr should have a relational database with the data, the sql is far easier to write than spreadsheet formulas.

Of course, I don't know how ugly the database structure is, so maybe not, and the visual presentation may also be trickier than I think [3].

[1] It's hard to write formulas in dpreview! -- in my first post, there may be some signs missing; I caught the missing , but didn't see that, sorry

[2] Example: this month my score is 70%, last month it was 60% and so on. I think that would be very motivating for many, esp. if shown in a nice diagram.

[3] As far as I can see, dpreview was build very hastily 12 years before, grew very fast and now they are sitting on a huge, messy codebase (they use asp (not .net, but the half baked answer of MS to php) and even cgi scripts, so technology 10 years past).

And every change has to be tested, and still, with that userbase, could lead to a catastrophe.

What I want to say, I have sympathies for the technical staff, I did something similar for the last years until today, that's why I am not with the torch and pitchfork crowd here.

My theory is, in the test phase (which normaly takes at least as long as the programing phase) for the announced changes (moderation etc.) far more errors than expected where found (really, that's the only thing sure to happen...), and so the timetable was overthrown.

Or dpreview's plan was to rewrite everything, and thought they could add changes in one go. This is also known as a doomsday scenario (it never works).

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