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Re: ORF.... in my sparest of time

faith_ps wrote:

A morning walk in the garden just outside where we stay up in the hilly resort. OMD with my old ZD50mm f2 macro and its kit lens in macro. Since I have lots of spare time for the week, I thought of using raw and see what can come out of the images after I processed in CS6. I didn't shoot in RAW + Jpeg so I don't have the JPEG as comparison.

Some benefit of using raw is that I can fine tune to bring out the "orange" petal colour more by adjusting WB and tints in pic4.

Also in pic1, I much prefer the WB a little cooler. Therefore making the "red" petal to loose its vibrance and making it pink red instead of orangy red.

On the quality of ZD50mm f2 (pic1&2) compared to the 12-50 "macro" (pic3&4)... I have to say the kit lens is amazing for macro. Autofocus is reliable and super fast. With the ZD50 macro, its a hit and miss due to the adapter, handholding and wind blowing. YES, the kit lens is SUPERB.



+1 to kit lens
Very nice photos.

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