Olympus 12-50mm vs Voigtlander 25mm at 25mm

Started Aug 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Yaroha Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: Olympus 12-50mm vs Voigtlander 25mm at 25mm

steppenwolfer wrote:

kevinparis wrote:

the 12-50 is not a perfect lens... but it isn't cr@p....its a workhorse, general purpose kit lens... its never going to compete with primes or faster zooms at multiples of its price

could not agree more!


I was actually planning to sell it as soon as I get my silver E-M5, but after shooting with the lens I decided to keep it. It gives me good results in good lighting, the macro mode was surprise for me very useful and of curse whether sealing. I learned how to take advantage of the lens and liked it a lot. I find it very good video lens, this is my No. 1 choice lens for water-parks:)))

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