Was wondering about selling photographs?

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Re: Was wondering about selling photographs?

Selling any kind of art isn't easy, and probably photography is the most difficult. If you are thinking of selling as a traditional art form (framed work to hang on walls) I'd say forget it. Photographs as such don't really sell, even if your exhibition is very successful; on the good side you'll get lots of publicity, interviews, and people will love to be around you, invite you to parties and cocktails. But as for selling, well people don't buy very many photographs.

Of course you will be able to generate income indirectly if you get to meet the right bunch of people; books, magazines, portraits...

Really, as an artist photography is much more difficult than painting, and as a former painter you must know how difficult it is to make any kind of half decent money with art. There are always exceptions of course, but these are rare.

On the other hand there is the professional "pro" approach, where you can end up shooting weddings, kids portraits and passport photos. Not an easy world.

Then of course there those lucky ones that end up doing what they like and making sometimes quite a bit of money with their photographs.

But don't let me discourage you. If you don't try, you will never know.

Best of luck!

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