Off camera flash self portrait, c&c welcome.

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bernieraffe Contributing Member • Posts: 556
Re: Off camera flash self portrait, c&c welcome.

I think the lighting is very nice.

In the first two images where you've gelled the background, the colours have turned into pastel shades, this is because the main light has 'contaminated' the background.

This may have been what you were after, but if you would like stronger colours, you can either:-

a. Move the main light further from the background (with you with it, of course)

b. Lower the power of the main light, and step in closer to it to keep the light on your face consistent.

The intensity of light on the background will then be lower, and you will get stronger colours.

Another way to improve the photo may be some 'creative cropping', I've taken the liberty of showing you an example!


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