Canon wireless flash system (600ex-rt + st-e3-rt)

Started May 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon wireless flash system (600ex-rt + st-e3-rt)

It will never be possible to upgrade the 7D to make it 'fully' compatible with the ST-E3-RT. It will work with all 'basic trigger' modes. But the 'Groups' function will not work.

This is not software relate. It is hardware. The new generation Hot Shoe (1Dx 5Diii) have something along the lines of increased bandwidth to handle the extra data being transmitted to control the 5 Groups (think along the lines of USB 2, to new USB 3, same shape and design more bandwidth).

The new Shoe design also allows for firing the cameras shutter from flash/ST-E3-RT, without the need of an N3 type cable that the older bodies require.

This is how Canon explained it to me, anyway. Hope that helps!


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