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Whilst I do agree the colour is slightly off (note the picture name is version 2, I've made several versions with slightly different colour), it looks pretty good my end, on a Retina Display MacBook Pro.

The colour output direct from this camera is very different to previous generation Canon cameras, closer to the D3s than any Canon, in my opinion! And I am still trying to get the perfect settings.

It's also worth noting that is very colourful and hot day! The skies were extremely blue, and the grass extremely green.

I've not increased the saturation of the picture at all, from the RAW file. I've increased the Vibrancy to 0.36 in Aperture, but that's all I've done to the colour, just to try to do justice to the amazing day in the Swiss Alps!

Thanks for your comments.


KAllen wrote:

AC1 wrote:

Agree, this pic has some really strange blue effects, presumably this is from post, not OOC?

Over enthusiastic use of the saturation slider. A curse of the modern times, more must be better, natural is so last Century.
Great picture all the same.


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