Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Re: I'm great. References: me.

moving_comfort wrote:

Well, since I have not invited you to, and have not presented them specifically in this thread, your doing that would probably guarantee your ban from the forum, at least temporarily. But go ahead if you feel the need to.

Here's a hint: I don't care. All it takes is a day to change my IP address. Then I can be MechanicViewFinder or whatever I want to be.

Also, I don't believe there would be anything at all wrong with providing you with my criticism. I don't have to make personal insults to be eloquent, yet brutally honest.

But all I can say right now is that pretty much anyone could have taken those shots with pretty much any camera. There's nothing at all there that's interesting in any way.

Okay, now go get me banned for telling the truth about your work. (Rolls eyes).

You're the one personally insulting me. Do you really think for a moment that they'll even bother with a complaint from someone who's being immature and can't handle that someone has a different opinion than the majority of people. I'm not here ranting about how STUPID YOU ARE or saying that well you're probably ugly in real life or telling you to STFU or saying that you're an imbecile. But that's what I'm getting from people like you. So do you really think that they would do anything at all about my posting? I'm just expressing myself; but I'm doing it without personally insulting anyone.

I hope that you post again. You are entertaining.

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