RX100 Tack sharp samples anyone? Please add to thread please.

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Re: RX100 Tack sharp samples anyone? Please add to thread please.

I've been using this as my example for "sharp" with this camera:
it is at infinity focus, so its not exactly the use case you are describing.
this might be closer:
-the focus is on the train headlights.

Both of those are straight from the camera. Train image is amazing at 13x19" after a trip through SilverEfex and piles of grain added to it.

The RAW support is really needed to get the really clean sharpness effect you are seeking. Until Adobe releases support we are stuck with the jpegs, and the "Sony-Smear."

Someone posted their test results for best fstops for center/corner resolution. In general my take-away from it was to keep it at f4 for 28-35, 5.6 for 50-85, and 8 for 100mm.

That said, I like edge to edge sharpness for big prints. Do a search.

If you are a fan of S95, you will be floored. Period. My wife will no longer use hers after shooting with RX100 for a day.

theGryphondog wrote:

I've been looking at many of the postings with photos and while the colors are nice, I'm wondering if people could post some really tack sharp photos? When I look at many of the posted shots I'm having difficulty in some cases finding just exactly where the focus is and nowhere does the shot look "tack sharp". This is especially true of the street photography I'm seeing.

I'm not criticizing. In fact, I'm thinking about grabbing a couple of these for the wife and me.

I own a bunch of P&S cameras including the Canon S90 and S95 (and 2qty Powershot Pro 1's), as well as the Sony DSC-HX20v......

Where is the sweet spot on this lens? F8?

Thank you all.

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