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Re: I'm great. References: me.

moving_comfort wrote:

What we do know, from your own admission, is that 1) you shoot HDR, 2) you think it's somehow very unique and original, and different than other HDR, 3) you have presented your work here in the past and had it criticized in some way and to some degree that caused you to not want to show it any more.

Untrue. The statement I made was in jest, because of how overwhelmed people were with HDR at the time, and how it caught on and was copied. Perhaps you should go back and re-read it. I have never admitted to HDR work. If I wasn’t completely clear in this regard and you misunderstood it, then I’m telling you now.

Now, you say " I do great work. Trust me, I do, just ask me. I will not attempt to prove this, because none of you are worth that proof, and I suspect you may want to copy my incredibly original HDR work, so that's another backup reason I will not share my work."

Once again, I WILL NOT EVER show my work to you people.

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