People assuming a new 4/3rds body on the way

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Re: i really don't care if it's m43 or 43...

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Regardless, the solution sounds very expensive. Price is a factor, but so is value for the money

Hopefully, it is a case of you get what you pay for.

I too won't care if it's m4/3 or 4/3 or some modular stuff. The point is 4/3 lens functionality.

Not nearly as expensive as shelling out for a buttload of new m4/3 f/2 lenses.

I honestly don't think they're there yet, though. I think people wishing for the m4/3-based version are going to be disappointed...or just plain wrong. This is just my tempered product development side of me thinking about the likelihood of new technologies being perfected in such short timeframes. It would surprise me if they've made such headway in such a short amount of time. I'm expecting a 4/3-based stop-gap.
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