RX100: Corner sharpness samples?

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Re: Right here.

Here's my point:

Slight defects in corner sharpness (or center sharpness for that matter) are not visible on your 1800x1200 size file and would not be noticed by "average" camera users. Just as you say.

But then what do you get with your F1.8 aperture in the case of your interior architecture photo (not when limited DOF is prime)? You get to use a lower ISO (for a given shutter speed) and therefore get less noise, which also would not be visible on your 1800x1200 size file and would not be noticed by "average" camera users (unless you're comparing extreme differences in ISO). So why pick one "picky" detail over the other?

And why use an 24-MP Nex 7 (or a high-priced P&S, like the RX100) to take 2.2 MP images?

What I'm saying is some photographers (like several in this forum) are concerned about decentering, corner sharpness, and want to get the max out of this top-rated P&S. Others don't care and enjoy the camera for its speed and other features, or just for the pride of ownership.

I own the RX100 and my copy does not have decentering.

Your comment: "I say BS. Complete, total BS," seems over-the-top to me. And actually seems a bit out of place for you. I have enjoyed many of your other posts, such as those about RX100 cases and accessories.


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