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Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Lisa O wrote:

Let's see some of your images since you are such a critic.
You post stupid comments on this forum. Show your stuff.

The best movie critics in the world have never made a movie in their lives.

This is the inevitable argument, but film critics, most art critics, many literary critics who are recognized and published all make pointed and detailed criticisms on the medium they cover. They have proven track records, are very well educated in their field (demonstrably so, nothing 'hidden'), and actually know what they're talking about.

Photography forum users like you do not fall into this category. Your writing style belies someone who does not provide any professional written criticism for a living. What's more, since the entry barriers into photography are very low compared to, say, film making, you (or anyone) who wants to criticize the work of others in a forum like this really can't use this excuse; you do take photos, you could easily share some to establish some level of bona fides.

It's not that I don't have proof, I just don't think you deserve to be shown a better way of photography by seeing what I create.

I don't think you have proof of any kind, really, which is why you will not attempt to provide any examples.

What we do know, from your own admission, is that 1) you shoot HDR, 2) you think it's somehow very unique and original, and different than other HDR, 3) you have presented your work here in the past and had it criticized in some way and to some degree that caused you to not want to show it any more.

Now, you say " I do great work. Trust me, I do, just ask me. I will not attempt to prove this, because none of you are worth that proof, and I suspect you may want to copy my incredibly original HDR work, so that's another backup reason I will not share my work."

Is your level of metacognition so low that you have no idea how silly you seem in this stance?


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