Olympus confirms new four thirds camera on the way

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Re: The name E-7 implies an OVF and 4/3 SLR mount, so no m4/3 lenses

BJL wrote:

RoyGBiv wrote:

A OMD-Pro that operates 4/3 lenses without compromise IS a defacto E-7.

Not really: for most of us, the name "E-7” implies an OVF and the 4/3 SLR mount, and so no possibility of also using m4/3 lenses with their shorter mount-to-sensor-distance -- not a Micro Four Thirds body that gives good AF with 4/3 SLR lenses when they are mounted with an adaptor and with no OVF.

Two big practical questions about this promised body are:

  1. will it be able to use both m4/3 and 4/3 lenses, or only 4/3 SLR lenses?

  2. will it offer an OVF? (This could perhaps be done even with a m4/3 body, through Sony's method of putting an OVF in the SLR lens adaptor.)

It occurred to me that they could be working on such modular optical arrangements that would allow for an ovf mounted over the m4/3 platform. If that is the case, my assertion would truly stand for "most of us" that you refer to.

I am limiting my hopes to a body that provides good AF with both lens systems and an EVF, but still compact and mirrorless, so no OVF.

It would also stand to reason that such modularity would satisfy this particular interest too.

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