Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Liso O

Lisa O wrote:

Mr Biological_Viewfinder,

It seems as if you just come here to impress yourself. I have also noticed in some of your posts you are trying to impress one of your forum buddies with your supposed wit and criticism.

If Henri Cartier Bresson or Ansel Adams posted on these forums (from the other world) how wonderful their work was I would not believe them until I saw samples of their work. Your posts are not constructive. People come to dpreview to learn and share. They do not come here to say “Hey I’m the best. Look at my stuff and tell me I’m a master.”

Bresson does not impress me and Ansel Adams wouldn’t have time for this place, he would be too busy actually taking pictures.

I don’t have to prove anything to you. I have a right to my own opinions, even when they do not mirror yours.

There are no masters in photography everyone is a student even the “Pros”, even those with years of experience. If you are not learning you are losing out.

There are still those who can create masterworks, those who do not consider them students any longer. They still learn, but they learn from the inside out, not outside in (like a student would learn).

A productive forum member participates with constructive criticism and examples. If not their own work one can point to other photographers examples of how to be helpful.

A productive forum member doesn’t say someone is “full of crap”. I didn’t personally offend you, and yet you personally insulted me.

I don’t have to be like most people. Most people are copycat clone followers, unable to craft anything from their own personal creativity unless they took a class or read it in a book or found it in a forum. I didn’t say it was a Pro Forum (and if I did, I meant what I’ve said in other places) it’s a PRO Camera Forum. If I have a question for Pros, there is a Pro Forum.

Most people come here because they are enthusiasts and get joy out of making photographs and learning about photography. Saying it’s a pro forum is really incorrect. I think 80% if not more of the high end prosumer DSLRs are owned by those who do not derive most of their income from photography. In today’s economic climate it is the working photographer that can least afford the luxury of the +$3000 body.

I have been coming to these forums for over 10 years and it is people like you who discourage others from participating, enjoying and getting the most out of their experience here.

Maybe you should make your own post to balance out mine and invite people to post their pictures of cats, dogs, goldfish, their kids, the flower in their backyard (complete with a partial house in the background), or any other kinds of snapshots. Then you could sort of negate my opinion with one of your own. That would be much more mature than insulting me, don’t you think?

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