Sony NEX going Full Frame II

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Re: Sony NEX going Full Frame II

For those of us more than than 15-??yrs old, calling 35mm 'full frame' defines what portion of our 'full frame' lens will be visible in the viewfinder and serves as a starting point for compairing a lens' potential for bokeh. How else can people who for years have know a 24mm f1.4 to perform as such determine how 24mm f1.4 fov lens will look on a m43/APSC camera?

There are lots of benefits to m43 and APSC esp. when dedicated smaller lenses are made to accomidate these formats, making them very portable. For those who don't want to spend 2-7k on a lens, don't care excessively about bokeh or are too young to remember how magical some full frame lenses look on a full frame camera, APSC and m43 is a dream come true and all they will ever want or need. For me, until they make a line of Leica quality compact -.05 to -3.0 lenses for APSC/M43 (impossible) I will never be happy, only settling for less.

Imo, an 85mm f1.2 will never be as magical on APSC, Leica looks flatter, photos from most inexpensive and some expensive super wide angle zooms look like they were taken with a cheap p&s.

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