Aaargh!!! Booted MBP this morning and the hi-rez went @#$%^

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Aaargh!!! Booted MBP this morning and the hi-rez went @#$%^

Just beginning a stint of field work with the 2010 15" MBP with the hi-rez matt screen. Everything was going fine until I booted up this morning and …

… no picture on the monitor.

Tried some more, then after a while, I got shimmering screen. it did all the stuff it was supposed to do except the screen was shimmering with pink and blue bars, and odd greenish/yellow background in some white areas, and so on.

A screen shot with Grab doesn’t reproduce the condition! it comes out looking all right. Plugging the 23" Cinema screen in produces a find picture.

So it's something happening in respect of the 15" screen only and presumably its refresh rate.

So I'm backon the old (well, 2010 again!) 13" MBP which I am very glad I packed as a reserve, plugging in the 23" Cinema screen for serious work back at base.

heh, serious work? I must remind myself that the 13" has an excellent full color screen, I have plastered on one of those plastic things to reduce glare (it works pretty well, too), and I started serous work on Macs back in the 9" b&w screen days! So let't not get too precious!

But I was really, really enjoying working on that 15" hi-rez screen. Oh well…

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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