RX100 far field decentering at longer focal lengths?

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Re: RX100 far field decentering at longer focal lengths?

At 100mm, you need to stop down, maybe all the way to F8 if corner sharpness if important. Landscapes like yours, which contain low-contrast detail (that most viewers expect to be recognizably sharp, like houses and trees) are among the most challenging to render correctly. On a head & shoulders portrait at 100mm, you won't care about the corners (and would probably have too much detail to deal with).

Here's a link to Imaging Resources test of the lens:


Go down the page and you'll see that at 100mm, the corner's are soft at F4.9, but improve at F8.

Some samples have decentering, but I don't think you can expect all 4 corners to be sharp right to the edge at 100mm.


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