Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Re: +1 and you know what...

primeshooter wrote:

+1 to both of you, well said. I hate moderation on forums anyway, most of the time it's too heavy handed. Hell, about 2 weeks ago I had some idiot on here calling me a racist because I quoted a song called "Turning Japanese" by using a thread titled "I think I'm turning japanese" - a play on words about how I cannot stop using the D800 to photograph my son. This song was written in the 80s by the Vapors and was about the writers obsession with taking pictures of his girlfriend referencing the japanese as they are so into their photography etc.

He actually said something like he would not stand by and watch a race be ridiculed. At that point I removed my images in case any "problems" occurred but I am glad to see the people that own this site saw him for the idiot that he was. I will not upload stuff here anytime soon methinks. The harshest critics on here always have the worst shots in their galleries and sometimes it's a test shot of a flippin' brick wall! You cannot moderate taste...

See my post on the previous page.

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