RX100: Corner sharpness samples?

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Re: Right here.

It all depends on what you plan to do with your images. 1800x1200 is 2.2MP. At 300 ppi from that file you can make a sharp 4x6-inch print.

You could have gotten similar resolution to your photo (a very nice one, BTW) with most any camera reviewed at DPreview over the last 7 or 8 years.

Most (if not all) inexpensive, small-sensor P&S cameras will have more noise than the the RX100, but reduced to 1800x1200, you won't see much.

My point is some buyers of the RX100 want to see what it can do pushed to its 20MP limits, and some want to see if their copy has some decentering.

A 20MP camera with a good lens like the RX100 can be used to make beautifully sharp, large prints or to do heavy cropping. Most people don't need this ability. But for some buyers of a $650 P&S that can rival many DSLRs, it doesn't hurt to see what it can do.

This is just one point of view. I often reduce my images to 1920x1080 pixels for viewing on a HDTV. But I also make 16x24-inch prints.

To the OP, here's a link to a post where some shared the best F-stops for center and edge sharpness:



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